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Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. Launches Its Highly Anticipated Storm CBD Water

The Company has begun shipping its all new Storm CBD Water to distributors

MELBOURNE, Florida, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: KGKG), a hemp and CBD lifestyle brand focused on product development in the functional beverage sector, is pleased to announce the national launch of its highly anticipated Storm CBD Water. Storm is an all new product for Kona Gold, as the Company expands its product offering in the exciting CBD beverage market. Storm is a high alkaline water, available in popular 1 Liter bullet bottles, and contains 20mg of CBD isolate per bottle. The Company has begun shipping product to its existing network of over 60 distributors across the United States. Storm CBD Water is immediately available for purchase to consumers on the Company's HighDrate website in 6 and 12 pack variants.

Kona Gold has become the leader in the hemp and CBD beverage sector with its popular Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks and HighDrate CBD Energy Waters. The Company has now entered the lucrative bottled water sector with its Storm CBD Water, which it has been developing since early 2019 and is positioning it to be a leader in its segment.

"I am excited to be announcing the launch of Kona Gold's all new high alkaline CBD water, Storm," stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. "We have been working with our partners to develop a great tasting, high alkaline water that is infused with the highest quality CBD. Our research showed us that the 1 Liter bottle is the most popular size with consumers, and combined with 20mg of CBD, we feel we've created a product that will resonate with a huge demographic."

Kona Gold will soon be updating shareholders on new hires the Company has recently made, progress on moving the Company to the OTCQB market tier, and the upcoming launch of its Kona Pink Hemp Energy Drink, which it recently partnered with the American Breast Cancer Foundation to create.

For more information regarding Kona Gold Solutions, please visit:

http://www.konagoldhemp.com https://www.facebook.com/konagoldhemp https://twitter.com/konagoldhemp https://www.instagram.com/konagoldhemp/

For more information regarding HighDrate, please visit:

http://www.highdrateme.com https://www.facebook.com/HighDrateMe/ https://twitter.com/highdrateme https://www.instagram.com/highdrateme/

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc.:

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has created wholly owned subsidiaries, Kona Gold LLC, HighDrate, LLC, and Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC. Kona Gold, LLC has developed a premium Hemp Infused Energy Drink line; please visit the Company's website at www.konagoldhemp.com. HighDrate, LLC has developed the beverage industry's first CBD Energy Water, available in 4 delicious flavors; please visit the Company's website at www.highdrateme.com.  Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC was created to fill the Company's distribution needs in markets it wants to quickly enter. The Companies are located on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne.

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Investor Relations Contact: Robert Clark +1-844-714-2224 investorrelations@konagoldhemp.com

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