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Publicly Traded Audio Podcasts were created as a platform for companies that want to share their companies story and vision with investors. We help to provide an outlet for companies with a lower market capitalization to get heard by the general public. Whether listed on the OTC, TSX, or the NASDAQ exchange- we believe that knowledge is power. Empower your investors with transparency by scheduling your company on one of our audio podcasts.

Cannabis Currency


Our Cannabis Currency Podcast focuses on publicly traded companies that are in the Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp markets. We provide an outlet for these companies to share the story of their business and offer transparency to investors. Tune in to the Cannabis Currency Podcast to stay up to date on the latest news and events.

Health Highlights


Health Highlights is a podcast dedicated to shining a spotlight on companies in the medical and healthcare related industries. From new therapies to durable equipment manufacturers. Pharmaceutical and bio-science drug development to precision surgical tools. We highlight publicly traded companies that are helping to create a healthier future.

Moving Minerals

Gold. Silver. Copper. Lithium. Cobalt.

The Moving Minerals podcast keeps a close eye on the market for precious metals and discovery of other rare-earth minerals. We showcase companies in exploration phases like drilling, prospecting, geologic mapping and surface sampling. We also get details on existing projects already in production.

Recent Audio Interviews
JWCAF - Mr. Nathan Woodworth

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corp.'s CEO Mr. Nathan Woodworth joins us on the Cannabis Currency podcast to talk in detail about their GrowthSTORM technology, increased production capacity at both cultivation facilities, and recent  3rd quarter financial results.

For more information about JWCAF visit:

TTTSF - Mr. Robert Galarza

TruTrace Technologies Inc.'s CEO Mr. Robert Galarza joins the Cannabis Currency podcast to speak in depth about StrainSecure, the pilot program with Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada, potential for large scale adoption, and recent up listing to the OTC QB.

For more information about TTTSF visit:

AMMX - Mr. Lee Hamre

AmeraMex International Inc.'s CEO Mr. Lee Hamre joins the Tech to Trade podcast to talk in detail about the companies history, recent appointments of Jeff Morris & Brian Hamre, expanding facilities, and up listing to the OTC QB.

For more information about AMMX visit:

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